30 May, 2009

shit lovers, this is true love

I don't remember where I came across the picture of this girl but she's so incredibly stunning. Why is this human not in my life?
I guess this is what typographers find funny?
I'm into it. I need to draw up or find something along these lines to get done.
For some reason I've been really into almost dead looking portraits of people lately. I think I want to stop eating and start looking like PJ Harvery.
time for some blood and zombies and shit.

In other news. I seriously hate everyone right now. I'm bored with people, I'm bored with this fucking New York City, I'm sick of headaches and not having a job. Not only that but I have been having the worst brain tremors ever lately and am either becoming epileptic or losing my mind- oh wait that last one has already happened. Typing is even hard. I feel like this poster. I want to just gauge my eye balls out. I have of recently become terrified of leaving my apartment and dealing with humans. I had this dream last night I was looking for something in this black water at night and kept pulling up ropes of dead people and giant thrashing worms. I'm about to check myself into an asylum or rehab or something. I just cannot deal.

I watched this movie last night and basically decided that this girl is the sad reality of my life. It was extremely well done however and I suggest you fuck holes rent it or whatever you do.

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