29 April, 2009

It might be the swine apocalypse, but some things make that O.K.

I got really excited about Whitney Houston today amidst the swine fever, i mean H1N1, and just thought about the good days.....how can songs like this really not bring a beautiful tear to your eye? It's like a rare gem suspended in time. A T.V.G.

A Very Intense Song

Mark Gormley, what a guy. If there was a definition for True Glamour he would be it. Keep in mind this music video was only filmed last year. This guy rules!

Film Ist: A Girl and A Gun

Gustav Deutsch has been labeled a "maestro of found footage filmmaking," (douchey right? Who says maestro?) but either way this film looks so sick and I plan to try to head to the Tribeca Film Festival to see it in action. It's described as "a stunning array of color-tinted images from a variety of genres, including scientific, erotic, fiction, and actuality films" including shots taken from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, enabling him to incorporate sequences from especially rare erotic and sex films into his latest oeuvre. He divides the narrative into five parts: Genesis, Paradeisos, Eros, Thanatos, and Symposion- which reminds me of my Space Gender and the Body class. Oh to be a nerd.


This day's T.V.G. winner is Wilford Brimley. You might remember him from those crazy old diabetes commercials or from LOLcats, where he is anthropomorphized into the angry persian cat with the caption "Diabeetus." Here for your viewing pleasure-the DIABEETUS REMIX.


My cat Peanut Butter and I have a very special bond-a bond that seems to translate through time and space. Forces of the unknown or simply a coincidence? You decide. Either way I was an extreme case of the ugly baby syndrome.


After months of waiting, the guyz over in Vermefug have finally released the album cover for their upcoming release Wet Nightmare. Needless to say my grandma wasn't too thrilled about it but Janice and D thought it was humorous. I'm pretty stoked on it however, and think you should all get the cd and support the locals! I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot-if anyone needs a model to get naked and swim around in fake blood you know who to call.


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