31 May, 2009

Scratch My Palms; There's Blood on My Hands

PJ Harvey is so beautiful. I think it's the whole Patti Smith small boy body frame, the "i don't really give a fuck" attitude, and thrashing herself around feverishly that really gets me. She once described her look as "that combination of being quite elegant and funny and revolting, all at the same time." I wish I looked this cool everyday. Time to lose 20 pounds and wear smeared make-up.

There is that faint resemblance..
Want this jacket.
Want this boyfriend.
I'm into this whole gothic thing lately, I need to figure out a way to transfer it into my summer wardrobe...I think I'm going to cut more hair off and dye it black.
I've been listening to wayyyy too much Manson lately, being in the 0.5% of people out there who still love him. His new cd, however, not so good. I'm sticking to Antichrist Superstar and Smells Like Children.

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