10 May, 2009

“Now I am coming Sophie and I will go to school with you ha ha thats from my camera I made it myself I am learning fast. (Kiss me)."

Sifting through old files on my desktop I came across this picture Evan sent me a while ago. He said he drew a portrait of me that reminded him of Jem and the Holograms. I could not have been more excited.
He also sent me this picture.
This isn't related to the above picture, but it made me feel equally happy looking at it. I think I'm being a huge sucker for this stuff lately because I miss my Peebs. It reminds me of when people give books to people they love with a message inside of it. I love finding old books with romantic notes in them and pretending they are addressed to me. It's so sad.

I think I have changed my future moving plans and will replace Austin with Santa Fe after Portland. Something about the desert is just so intriguing.

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