02 June, 2009

You inside me My fingers down your throat This is a nightmare But I won't stop it.

Sad things in life.

What we made out of light
The light would not have
So we hollowed out a grave
Where light has forever set
I saw their lives curl upward like a wave
And break. And after all it had not broken–
It might have broken even across the grave
Of tendencies unknown and questions never spoken.

The white blankets in the closet
The red blankets in the bed
An infant in his mother
His mother in pain
The father in the corridor
The corridor in the house
The house in the city
The city in the night
The death in a cry
And the infant in the life

Alabama: Did I do my part ok?
Clarence Worley: Bamaloo you were perfect.
Alabama: Like a ninja?
Clarence Worley: Like a ninja.

If you say so.
That's real.
Ice Cube?

This is terrifying.

I don't know whether to feel really awkward or happy about the new Grizzly Bear music video. While I was laughing I was also semi-afraid of what was going on. I guess you assholes can decide for yourselves.

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