07 June, 2009


This has been me all weekend. Rain rain rain makes me lazy lazy lazy.
This reminds me of my grandpa who always wears shirts without knowing what they say or what's on them. I love old people.

Eva Green is so beautiful. There's something about black and white photos of women smoking cigarettes that always draws me in for some reason. I wish I had some deep prolific explanation of why this is but sadly, this is not the case.

I found my copy of "Panic in Needle Park" last night that I completely forgot I had. If you haven't seen this I highly suggest you do. Its one of my favorite movies and so well done.
Jamie and Allison. Always so good.

Sam Riley can you just be my boyfriend plz?

I think I'm getting sick. No bueno. I woke up with the worst sore throat ever which is either due to smoking too many cigarettes (still quitting just not this weekend) or allergies or death approaching. Per usual.
Today is a nice day what to do what to do.

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